Elite Kids Program
(2-6 years old)

The Elite Kids Programme is specially designed based on research by Harvard University. Children in the programme are actively stimulated with fun and engaging hands-on activities and real-life props that make learning impactful and meaningful. Classes are filled with laughter, music and movement to stimulate the curious mind.

Through this programme, your child will have a heightened learning ability that enables them to read, count, become more knowledgeable, has better self-control, higher confidence in everything they do and lots of love for learning!

We achieve these amazing transformation through very stimulating hands-on activities like memory games, tactile words formation, IQ questions, poems, puzzles and many more!

You’ll be amazed at the transformation of your child, just like many parents have. Join us now!

Who is it for?

Suitable for children aged 2-6.
(Click here for Prep P1 program, P1-P6 program, and Secondary program.)

What is it about?

The Elite Kids Program focuses on the development of your child’s learning abilities, honing them to become heightened inert strengths that make your child an expert in learning. The program focuses on 3 fundamental cognitive functions, namely the working memory, mental flexibility and inhibitory control.

Working memory is the system responsible for the transient holding and processing of new and already-stored information, and is an important process for reasoning, comprehension, learning and memory updating.

This system can be heightened by an intentional stimulation through our program.

100% of our students improve in their working memory by at least 40% after 6 months of training!

This is not a random number generated without proof, all our students are scientifically reassessed every 6 months, every single one of our parents can testify to the remarkable improvement.

Not only do parents find it worthy of their investments, children love coming to ILLAC for the stimulating and fun activities in class!

Mental Flexibility is the capacity to nimbly switch gears and adjust to changed demands, priorities, or perspectives.

Children deploy this skill to solve different problem sums, analyse different science experiments and apply different grammar rules.

In our program, we use different cultures and languages of the world combined with specially-designed puzzles that stimulate this aspect of the brain to increase performance in mental flexibility.

Children who graduate from our Elite Kids Program are highly knowledgeable about different countries in the world and they could solve puzzles with ease.

They are also more ready for Prep P1 materials than students of the same age.

The earlier they join us, the earlier they are ready for our Prep P1 program!

We have children as young as 4 years old in our Prep P1 class and doing better than some students who had joined us only at 6 years old!

We are not referring to success rates of one or two really good students, we are referring to 100% of our students achieving better results in our scientific assessment when compared to students who had come in from other enrichment centers.

Inhibitory control is the skill children use to master and filter out thoughts and impulses so they can resist temptations, distractions and habits to pause and think before they act.

Children need this skill desperately in order to survive a classroom of more than 20 students in a conventional kindergarten, not to mention 30 classmates in P1.

Our program uses specially-adopted breathing techniques to train students to heighten their self-regulation ability. Even the music and movement that we use in class are specially chosen to train children to activate their self-regulation ability to enhance on their focus and their ability to concentrate.

Many believe in a fierce teacher or a strict discipline to ensure children behave themselves but in actual fact, the most important thing in good discipline is the child’s own ability to regulate themselves.

Above that, the teachers will do a one-on-one consultation with you so that you can be a part of the training process to improve your child’s self-regulation ability.

Benefits of the Program

  • improved proficiency in maths
  • increased reading ability
  • improvement in academic achievement
  • enhanced verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • improved communication and social skills
  • improved self-regulation
  • improved social and moral competence
  • improved self-esteem

How do I know which level my child belongs to ?

We adopt a scientific cognitive assessment tool to determine the level most suitable for your child. Book an appointment with us now to know where your child stand.

Children are assigned into classes based on their individual cognitive achievement rather than by age so that the whole class can advance at the same pace forward!

How to register ?

You can sign up by emailing or calling us and we’ll advise you on a date for the sorting activity. You can also visit us at our centers at Westgate #04-09 or West Coast Plaza #01-16/17/18 to make an appointment with our consultant.

What's the class size ?

Maximum of only 6 students for Level 2 and 3, 4 students for Level 1.

What is the schedule ?

You can choose to come either once a week or twice a week, 1 hour per session. Weekday and weekend slots available. However, we are quite full, call us to secure a slot in our waiting list NOW!