ILLAC Program

Who is it for ?

For P1 to P6 students, in either English, Maths or Science.

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What is it about?

In a nutshell, the ILLAC Program is an ALL-IN-ONE program that covers Peak Performance Coaching and tuition all at the same time.


To help your child master the English language, the program adopts a very systematic approach to teach Grammar.

We use very concise terms in explaining the Grammar rules and will never tell your child to analyse their mistakes by saying “if it doesn’t sound right, it’s most likely wrong”.

Unfortunately, children would not know it sounds wrong if they are always saying it wrongly, would they?

This is precisely why a very clear and systematic approach to teaching Grammar is very important.


To further strengthen your child’s ability to take on the world stage, we stimulate your child’s IQ with newspaper articles and moral dilemmas to help them negotiate around this global economy.

Yes, your child will be reading articles from the Straits Times and many other media from around the world! Children love it! They look forward to reading these articles and are always asking for more despite having to answer comprehension questions pertaining to these articles. This is one way in which we arouse interest and motivate students in loving to learn!


Last but not least, we adopt the VISUAL WRITING™ technique in developing your child into a young author. Visual Writing™ taps into the child’s ability to visualise and to transform that vision into words. This method is uniquely ours and it has gained a loyal following since its induction in Singapore. It is extremely easy to understand, helps save tonnes of time in planning, yet so powerful in delivering high quality compositions.

This method of writing helps even the weakest student in class write a full page of composition with ease.


With the above strategies in mastering the English language, your child not only becomes confident in school, he is ready for the world.


Being experts of the curriculum, we approach Mathematics from the most challenging component, Problem Sums.

It is the struggle of most students and the nightmare of ALL parents.

Our program faces this head-on and provides the most impactful approach to ensure the mastering of the mathematical problem-solving skills.

All our students are able to glide through problem sums with ease and hardly cringe even at the face of some of the hardest (those that reaches Facebook if you know what I mean ;).

Above that, we also ensure lots of IQ-stimulating activities to drive your child into high gear so that they can effectively deal with the demands of any Maths questions with a logical deduction ability that is turned on and ready to rev.

No expense is spared into providing concrete manipulatives that students need in order to understand the abstract mathematical concept.

Thus, you will see many different mathematical manipulatives used in class to help the weaker students achieve the highest level of understanding.


Seriously, it’s the easiest subject to tackle. Being experts of the curriculum, we present Science topics in a simple and easy to understand Study Map™ which students can easily replicate.

Through the Study Map™, students know exactly what is required of each topic and use this knowledge to answer any questions in the exam papers. This technique is fool-proof and has helped many students score their A* in their PSLE.

But why stop at exam papers when Science is more than that?

We challenge your child with questions that deal with daily life and answer their own Science questions with hands-on experiments that excite not just the student but the teacher too!

Science will never be the same again with ILLAC.


How fast is your reading speed? How fast is your child’s?

All our students can read faster than their parents.

But how? Simple.

We train them to speed read using our very own Super Reader application on the iPad (you won’t be able to find it in iTunes, don’t bother ;).

The training takes place every single session they come in, hence the more times they come in in a week, the faster they are able to speed read!

But why speed read?

Imagine your child being able to read at half the time he usually takes, understand the demands and finishes what is expected all in a jiffy.

You will not only save your breathe in chasing him to finish his work, he will have more time to relax and engage in other stuff which he likes!


Speed reading will also prepare your child for higher academic achievement by ensuring that he will be ready to read and understand anything that he needs to digest in order to prepare himself for the world-stage.


We don’t “ra-ra” your child once in a blue-moon to boost their motivation to study. We consistently follow up with their goals and ensure you do your part as well in motivating your child to reach greater heights.

Children need lots of motivation, however, these motivation cannot come in the form of rewards and punishments all the time! They need to know how to motivate themselves. This is how Character Strengths play a major role.

In our unique Strengths-Bridging™ component, we do a complete Character Strengths Analysis for your child the moment they enter our program.

We will then use their character strengths to help them set goals in four dimensions of life, namely Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual.

100% of our children achieve their goals in the stipulated time frame because this method really WORKS.

The mechanism behind this is really simple. When you know exactly what you want and you know exactly how to achieve it with strengths inside of you, you will naturally be inclined to WANT to achieve it and taste the sweetness of SUCCESS.

Simple, yet sophisticated, this system is an adaptation from a combination of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Our students feel motivated, achieve success academically, feels even more motivated, and the virtuous cycle goes on and on.

Your child is in good hands.

These are what our parents say!

What is the schedule ?

You can choose between once a week per subject, or twice a week, 2 hours each subject/lesson. Multiple combinations of classes are available, please call or email us to find out the most updated schedule.

How to register ?

You can call, email or visit us at Westgate Level 4 to register.

How much is it ?

For $56 per session of a 2 hours class, you will get to enjoy Speed reading training, character strengths analysis, goal-setting strategies, cooperative learning, moral decision-making skills and Eng/Maths/Science tuition!! Hurry and register now!

*Terms and conditions apply.

What's next?

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