Our Story

ILLAC was founded with a revolutionary spirit and a lofty objective: to reactivate children’s love for learning by enhancing their learning abilities, while leading the way for revolutionizing the way children are taught.

Every dream starts with a problem. Ours was simple: tuition doesn’t always work. We are parents who want the best for our kids, we are aware of centers that can push our kids to perform better in school, but they might cause too much stress.  We are also aware of centers that enrich the lives of our children yet they might not be effective enough to boost their academic grades. We wish for one center which can boost our children’s grades, yet ensure they are not too stressed and learn effectively and happily.

Therefore, we started I Love Learning Achievement Center, aka ILLAC.

By researching the various pedagogies and combining them with psychological methods, ILLAC is able to provide a healthy learning environment for children to excel in their grades yet look forward to every lesson.

We believe that learning should be fun yet effective and children should love learning so you can be happy and relieved knowing that your children are in good hands.

There’s nothing complicated about it.

Committed and loving teachers + good pedagogy and sound psychological methods = successful and happy children  = Best enrichment center in Singapore

Listed One of the Best Enrichment Centre In Singapore on Parents' World

Elite Kids Programme

The Elite Kids Programme is an exciting learning programme based on research from Harvard University. It is uniquely designed for children aged 2 to 6 to hone their learning abilities, namely the Working Memory, Mental Flexibility and Inhibitory Control. Research has shown that children with strong working memory, mental flexibility and inhibitory control are scientifically proven to be more successful in life, are healthier and earns a higher income in adulthood. The programme taps on children’s inert strengths, making them experts in learning. More information…

ILLAC Junior Programme

The ILLAC Junior Programme is an exciting learning programme uniquely designed for children aged 5 to 6 to further enhance on their learning abilities (Working Memory, Mental Flexibility and Inhibitory Control) so as to prepare them for their journey in the primary level while stretching their cognitive abilities through higher order thinking questions. Graduates from this programme have gone on to scoring 85% and above in both Mathematics and English in their class tests conducted in school. The programme heightens children’s inert love for learning, making them extremely comfortable in adapting to the challenges they face in school. The programme alternates the teaching of English and Mathematics on a weekly basis. More information…

ILLAC Programme

The ILLAC Programme is an all-encompassing learning programme uniquely designed for children aged 7 to 16 to prepare them for their learning journey throughout childhood and adolescence. Besides teaching them the key academic skills that they will need in order to tackle their examinations, the programme boasts brain priming activities that heighten students’ learning abilities, namely Working Memory, Mental Flexibility and Inhibitory Control, so that they don’t just learn, they learn faster and better! Subjects offered include English, Mathematics and Science. Students in the programme also go through 10min of Speed Reading training and Character Education/Moral Dilemma discussion every single session to hone their decision-making and conversational skills. SMART goal-setting is also used to motivate students to achieve their desired goals not just in their studies but in life in general. Graduates from this holistic programme have gone on to scoring ‘A’s in examinations due to, simply, their love for learning and a heightened learning ability! More information…


“My child had been attending ILLAC since he was 3 years old. I can still remember attending lessons with him in class when he was so little. Then, he slowly promoted from Level 1 to Level 2 and so on, then to Preparatory P1 and now Primary 1. I like it that I don’t have to worry about what my child needs because ILLAC had it all planned out. Lucas learns different things at different phases of life and is now doing very well at Primary 1. I am so happy and proud of him.”

– Kelvin Sim, 42, Parent of Lucas Sim, P1

“I had signed my daughter up for many different enrichment centers before but none offered the holistic training programme like ILLAC does. For example, in one of the centers, my child goes through brain training, but I needed to send him to another center for Maths. Then, I needed to also find another center for English. When I found ILLAC, I was skeptical at first, like, how can they be good in everything? But I was wrong and I am very happy to be able to find something that my child can fully benefit from. My child enjoys the Brain Gym games that he plays in class and he gets to learn all the model-drawing methods that he needed to solve problem sums. Additionally, he attends English and Science here as well which are all taught by very experienced teachers who know exactly how to help him. I need not worry about his results anymore ever since we started ILLAC, which is such a relief for us.”

– Belvina Tan, 45, Parent of Chloe Lim, P5

“I was quite split initially ’cause obviously I want my child to do well in school but ILLAC sounds like a fun-learning center focusing on the love for learning, not so much of academics. Of course I want my child to love learning but I just didn’t want to sacrifice on the results you see. I’m very glad I decided to give ILLAC a try despite the first impressions that I had. My child now not only loves learning, he loves going to ILLAC and ensures that he does all his homework before each lesson. Most importantly, my child became top in class after attending ILLAC for 6 months. Before ILLAC, he was only an average student. I’m definitely going to continue sending my son to ILLAC.  In fact, this is already our 3rd year here!”

– Gina Tan, 38, Parent of Isaac Lim, P4