June 2016

Motivate your child with this simple step

If getting your child to start working on their homework feels as hard as pushing a car on handbrake, you are not alone. Sometimes you just wish there is an “on-off” button that you can press so that you can just kick your slippers and slouch on the couch after a long day at work […]

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Does listening to Mozart really make my child smarter?

Unfortunately, the answer is no… The original study, where the whole “Mozart Effect” came about, wasn’t even conducted on children. In the study, 36 adult students were given a series of mental tasks to complete on three occasions. Before each task, they listened either to ten minutes of silence, ten minutes of relaxation instructions, or ten […]

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The number one thing you must do to help your child focus in class

REMOVE ALL SCREEN TIME. Many articles had talked about it, scientific studies had proven it, real anecdotes reported, but parents all over are still making this mistake in parenting. I assess children on a daily basis and have seen close to thousands of children, out of which, more than half had short attention span, were disruptive […]

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Why is “-ing” allowed after “to”?

We’ve all been there, our teachers in primary school told us we mustn’t add any participle to the verb if it follows after “to”. For example “to do”, “to run”, “to know”. And so we teach our children the same rule. However, there’s more to the rule than we can remember. For example, Jasmine is […]

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The number one question that parents ask that children can’t answer

This is most likely the all-time favourite question that parents ask on a daily basis, “What did you learn today?” I’ve heard it repeatedly from others and even myself every time I reach home, “Tell me about your day W, what did you learn?” And almost 100% of the time, or at least for most […]

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