Voted Best Enrichment and Learning School 2014/15


Our biggest thanks to all the parents who had voted for us! We are honoured and will continue serving you the best that we can!

At I Love Learning, not only do we offer unique award-winning programs, you will also be able to find children who wish they have “lessons” with us everyday and children who count down to days when they can finally come for lessons again!


Business for Families Accreditation

Awarded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

Our biggest thanks to MSF for giving us this recognition! This mean so much to us because the accreditation meant that we have:

developed a mix of products and services focused on families
developed a strong team of staff and facilitators
developed family-focused amenities like games and libraries for parents and children
showed continuous learning and improvement as an organisation



The Ambition to Open the Best Enrichment Centre In Singapore

I Love Learning Achievement Center is founded by Clarice Lim, 4 Gold Medal Award Winner of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), whose dream is to groom a population of children in Singapore who loves learning.

Clarice Lim is an exercise psychologist by training and also an educator of 20 years. She has taught various levels of students from MOE’s primary school to varsities like polytechnic and universities. Her expertise in subject teaching is hence immense and varied, covering from the usual English, Maths, Science, to Health Behaviour, Sports Management, Sports Business and Management and Psychology. She is also a certified Exercise Physiologist.

Over the years of her service in education, she has coached many students in reaching their fullest potential, especially proven from the number of awards she has earned (Most Appreciated Mentor for 3 consecutive years). She was also awarded the Excellent Service Award as an educator in 2012 and again in 2013 for her commitment to excellent service.

Having failed in her ‘A’ Levels before, Clarice is not unfamiliar to the taste of failure. But that didn’t hinder her from attaining success thereafter. She went on a search for a study method that would suit her and her findings led her to achieve peak performance in her academic pursuit.

Her success in her academic pursuit includes:

A First Class Honours degree, accompanied with 4 Gold Medals, namely,

Clarice was also very active in voluntary work. Her passion to serve earned her a Long Service Award for her service in the Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) force under the Singapore Police Force from 2001-2008. Her duties as a VSC required her to be armed with a gun and a T-baton to patrol in uniform alongside the regular police officers. Another key volunteer role that Clarice held was in the Singapore Youth Olympic Organising Committee 2010. She was one of the key personnels in designing and executing the Educational Discovery Activities for the athletes in the Games Village.

With great passion in teaching and serving the society, Clarice is committed to share her immense experience and knowledge with as many children as possible wishing that they too, can enjoy peak performance and achieve their fullest potential.

“I love learning, and I wish for all students to love learning as much as I do, for learning is fulfilling, not just in knowledge, but also in life.”

Clarice Lim 

Founder, Managing Director
I Love Learning Pte. Ltd.

Our Core Values


We adopt scientific approaches to accelerate the development of the young minds to sharpen their learning abilities to learn just about anything. These include brain priming activities and executive functions stimulation.


We cultivate positive partnerships with all parents to create a conducive learning environment for our students. Rather than a termly or semestrally-feedback, our teachers provide feedback after every single session!


With a small class size, we achieve a customised approach to ensure peak performance of every student.

Different children have different learning abilities and our teachers are trained to identify how they tick in order to cater to their learning needs.

Committed teachers + good pedagogy + best psychological practices = successful and happy students =

Best Enrichment Center in the west

Best Tuition Center in the west