10 Reasons Why ILLAC is the BEST Tuition Center

for Children aged 2 to 16

1. ILLAC combines the stimulation of learning abilities with content mastery

In fact, no other centers in Singapore do that. Not only does ILLAC coach children to score in English/Maths/Science, but also enhance their learning abilities so they take only half the time to learn and achieve mastery easily.

2. ILLAC hires only the best teachers

All their teachers are handpicked by the founder to ensure high quality in delivery. Additionally, the founder trains all teachers personally for consistency and quality-assurance.

3. ILLAC customises her curriculum according to each child’s strengths and weaknesses

Students with lower abilities get the help they need while students with high abilities get the stimulation they need to reach higher grounds. This is how no child is left behind!

4. ILLAC motivates children to love learning

ILLAC creates a motivational climate that involves all stakeholders, from parents to administrators to fellow classmates. Everyone in the environment helps build a conducive learning environment for the child to excel.

5. ILLAC uses real props and materials to teach.

These authentic learning experiences encourage understanding and mastery of the topics students are learning.

6. ILLAC applies psychology theories into the design of their worksheets

All of ILLAC’s worksheets come with memory cues to ensure effective learning. From Grammar rules to problem-solving methods, there’s a memory cue for ease of learning!

7. ILLAC offers students age-appropriate programmes to cater to students’ needs across all levels

Children aged 2 to 16 need to meet different academic demands as they enter different phases in life, therefore, ILLAC has a specially-designed programme for each age group to develop their fullest potential.

8. ILLAC boasts a whooping success rate of 70% of her students qualifying for the gifted screening test (Phase 2).

70% of our students who follow our programmes from a tender age pass the first screening test of the GEP programme. This means that 70% of our students are the top 10% of students in Singapore.

9. ILLAC is run and managed by trained educators

Unlike many other centers owned by businessman, ILLAC is wholly owned by an education specialist who understands children and is able to cater to their needs so that they achieve success in their education journey and eventually in life.

10. ILLAC focuses on the love for learning so children look forward to attending lessons

All our children love attending lessons and coming to ILLAC. You wouldn’t find yourself having to drag your child to class!