Academic Achievement

How to maximise your child’s online learning

Advancements in technology coupled with the pandemic has led to an exponential shift towards online learning. We are increasingly seeing children having Zoom lessons with their teachers and even co-curricular activities being carried out on screen. With more time spent looking at their devices, it is inevitable that children may end up being distracted rather […]

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Home Practices to Improve Working Memory of Children Ages 3 to 6

With society’s increasingly high standards in education and academics, it is without saying that we are in a relentless rat race to provide the best education for our children. Whilst having enrichment lessons may suffice, why not go the extra mile to practice at home by honing your child’s executive functions. Executive Functions are mental […]

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GEP or Not?

Congratulations! Now that your child has been selected for the GEP program, what’s next for him/her? It might be an extremely straightforward answer for some parents but not so for some others. My opinion is, go for it. Reasons being: PROS: It’s a great confidence-booster. Your gifted child knows what “gifted” means and there is no […]

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Why Shouldn’t You Scold Your Child for Their Bad Results

It’s easy to blame your child for the bad results he received. “Why didn’t you pay attention in class?!” “You don’t know and you didn’t ask?!” “What were you doing when the teacher was teaching?!” These might have been your first thoughts but it’s really unfair for you to blame your child for her bad […]

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How to make my child smarter?

Don’t most of us want to know that? The answer is, fortunately, easier than we thought. Apart from good genes, we can make our children smarter by using the appropriate praises. Research has shown that those who believed that ability is fixed, doesn’t feel that they need to put in effort to score in a […]

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The struggle between academic achievement and training another Joseph Schooling

I had wanted to write an article about Joseph Schooling and his academic achievement to discuss the balance that one can achieve between studies and sports. However, I can’t seem to find anything about his results in school. Then it struck me… seriously… who cares? Who cares if Joseph Schooling had done well in school […]

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