How to Choose the Best Tuition Center for Your Child

With the myriad of tuition centers out there, what are the few considerations you’ll need to take in order to pick the best tuition center for your child? Consider these factors: 1. Teacher-Student Ratio The reason why you are looking for a tuition programme for your child is either because you want your child to […]

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How to kickstart the love for learning from a young age?

You must have heard of the old adage, “If you love your job, you wouldn’t have to work a day in your life” and it applies to children too! The love for learning can make them love every single activity, every single subject, and every single learning opportunity. Imagine your child being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed […]

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4 Tips for Choosing a Secondary School

It’s never easy for any kind of parents. Be it the hands-off type or the “kan cheong” type. Many see it as a determiner of the child’s future, which sort of explains the emphasis placed on the PSLE results. But no matter the results, now is the time to consider what school to choose. Many […]

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Injustice of an ADD boy

I was cleaning the windows of my center due to the huge amount of finger prints left behind after a busy weekend of classes. It was Monday afternoon and there usually ain’t any enquiries. Then she appeared. I noticed how lost she looked in her eyes and almost thought she was just asking for directions. […]

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A teacher’s viewpoints of the new PSLE grading system in 2021

Many websites have written about it, netizens have criticised it, but of course, some defended it as well. As a teacher of 14 years and a private educator of 3 years, I would like to present the changes and the impact it might have on children, their parents and the industry from a teacher’s point of […]

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Tuition – Social evil or confidence booster?

I read with great concern as more and more articles surface addressing the “social evil” of tuition; how this industry should be considered a bane to the happiness of children and thus should be eradicated. I have been running a tuition center for 3 years now. I was previously from MOE teaching for the past […]

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