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Science Holiday Workshop - Last Kids on ILLACtopia!

Recommended for children aged 7 to 10, this amazingly ENGAGING and FUN Science Holiday Programme brings students through a ZOMBIE apocalypse! They will learn the science behind survival tactics and bring home their Science Experiment!

Based on a popular children’s novel, students will learn the Science?? in

– building sustainable homes ? (P3 Science – Diversity of Materials),
– obtaining drinkable water ?(P4 Science – Water Cycle),
– preventing airborne diseases ?(P3 Respiratory System),
– getting past obstacles ? (P4 Science – Interaction of Forces)
– using sustainable energy like solar, wind and water to add convenience to life amongst the zombies!(P6 Science – Energy).

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“My child looks forward to the lessons every week and was sad it only lasted 5 weeks! He learnt so much. The teacher is lively, the experiments are interesting, and best of all, they get to bring home the ‘products’ after every lesson. He’s still playing with it after the programme!” – Mrs Lee, Mother of Iniesta Lee, P4.

“Yi Yang loves the class, he said he got to ask many many questions and the class exposed him to many Science concepts which he had always wanted to learn. I’m very sure the class prepared him very well for the Science he is about to learn in school.” – Mrs Tan, Mother of Tan Yi Yang, P3.

“Jay really loves the Science lessons! He could tell us exactly what he has learnt after every lesson and couldn’t stop talking about it. He even tried recreating the experiments at home and got really interested in Science after the programme. Definitely highly recommended.” – Mr Ang, Father of Jay Ang, P2.

The Next Run for the Science Holiday Workshop is Jun 2021!

You can email us at enquiry@ilovelearning.com.sg or whatsapp us at 9711 8963 to reserve a slot for the coming June Holiday run. Space is limited. Don’t wait!

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