Secondary A-Maths Tuition in Singapore


The ILLAC A-Math Tuition Programme adapts closely to MOE’s latest revision of the A-Math Syllabus and builds on the progression of Mathematical skills, learner strategies and knowledge about the Mathematical processes.

We understand that A-Math is a crucial academic level for the Mathematics subject as it contains almost all the essential topics for more advanced Math levels. Thus, we seek to offer only the best A-Math Tuition for students who are having a hard time absorbing the lessons being taught in school. Our A-Math Tuition is also good for students who love Mathematics and wish to rank high on their classes and the GCE Math Examination. Our syllabus for the A-Math Tuition in Singapore aims to advance students’ self-regulation and to bring analytical abilities to a more sophisticated level. The programme helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to apply Maths into real-life to make learning more meaningful.

Above that, our students taking A-Math Tuition will also learn about the requirements and question formats for all components at the Secondary level for Cambridge/MOE/ International Baccalaureate (Language Arts) / Express / Normal Academic/Normal Technical examinations from our experienced full-fledged teachers. Discover more about our A-Math Tuition in Singapore today!

What’s it about?

When learners are unable to catch pace with their Mathematics lessons in class, they frequently develop problem-solving mistakes and unraised questions. This is the very reason why we started an A-Maths Tuition in Singapore. It  guarantees a focused and conducive learning environment so your child will be able to get the best learning experience in a crucial subject such as Mathematics.

Students tend to lose attention and develop more and more grey areas about the topics being taught in school. They frequently misunderstood the instructions, which caused them to lag behind. Our A-Math Tuition  gives parents the peace of mind that their child’s problems with regards to the topics in A-Math are being cleared up in every session and that they are keeping up with their schoolwork.

Students should practice their A-Math skills as much as they can in order to succeed and earn a decent mark in the national exams. With our A-Math Tuition, your child will gain access to a variety of resources that we have gathered over the years to help him or her excel. The student’s exposure to various types of sample questions from previous national exam questionnaires will also help him or her prepare for the exam.

Our A-Math Tuition provides your child with excellent teaching and coaching. Our A-Math Tutors  can provide adequate assistance to students, providing advice on how to study for exams and helping them practice key ideas. Additionally, our tutors can suggest the best career possibilities and topic combinations when making important academic decisions.

Additional Mathematics Class

Holistic overview

  1. Advanced understanding in simultaneous equations, polynomials, partial fractions, quadratic equations, inequalities and modulus functions.
  2. Explore the concept of binomial theorem, indices, surds and logarithms.
  3. Further develop skills in coordinate geometry and linear law.
  4. Higher learning of trigonometric functions, equations, identities and formulae.
  5. Understand the concepts of differentiation and integration.

Specific skills development

  1. Develop proofs in plane geometry.
  2. Devise applications of integration
  3. Acquire analytical skills in kinematics.

How to register?

You can call, Whatsappemail or visit us at Vision Exchange #06-15, or West Coast Plaza Level #01-16/17/18 to register.