Secondary A-Math


The ILLAC Programme adapts closely to MOE’s latest revision of the A-Math Syllabus and builds on the progression of Mathematical skills, learner strategies and knowledge about the Mathematical processes.

Our syllabus aims to advance students’ self-regulation and to bring analytical abilities to a more sophisticated level.

The programme helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to apply Maths into real-life to make learning more meaningful.

Above that, our students will also learn about the requirements and question formats for all components at the Secondary level for Cambridge/MOE/ International Baccalaureate (Language Arts) / Express / Normal Academic/Normal Technical examinations from our experienced full-fledged teachers.

Additional Mathematics Class

Holistic overview

  1. Advanced understanding in simultaneous equations, polynomials, partial fractions, quadratic equations, inequalities and modulus functions.
  2. Explore the concept of binomial theorem, indices, surds and logarithms.
  3. Further develop skills in coordinate geometry and linear law.
  4. Higher learning of trigonometric functions, equations, identities and formulae.
  5. Understand the concepts of differentiation and integration.

Specific skills development

  1. Develop proofs in plane geometry.
  2. Devise applications of integration
  3. Acquire analytical skills in kinematics.

How to register?

You can call, Whatsappemail or visit us at Vision Exchange #06-15, or West Coast Plaza Level #01-16/17/18 to register.