Mr Ong Tiong Chuan

Class Schedule (2h each lesson):

  • E Maths (Sec 1) – Sun 11am
  • E Maths (Sec 2/3) – Sat 1.15pm
  • E Maths (Sec 4) – Sat 11am
  • A Maths (Sec 3) – Sun 4pm
  • Physics – Sun 1.30 pm
  • Chemistry – Sun 4 pm

To enrol, call/Whatsapp 9711 8963 or email us at enquiry@ilovelearning.com.sg now!

For other subjects, kindly let us know and we’ll advise accordingly 🙂

Aka GTO (Great Teacher Ong)!

Mr Ong is one of the most popular teachers in ILLAC with an ever-expanding class size due to his popularity! Students recommend their friends to join his class, one after another, because they simply love the way he teaches.

“A Maths was one of the subjects I experience difficulty comprehending at the start during 2009. Until I met TC, who painstakingly taught me A maths. I had a love-hate relationship with this subject that I wanted to give up during my secondary school days. Lucky for me, he patiently guided me for 2 years from the beginning and set the foundation firm for me. His patience gave me ample time to try my best, to understand this subject, until it becomes an interest in practicing the questions. He brought me through the whole A Maths journey till the point I love this subject. This is the only subject that I did the TYS 2 times.

Fast forward 10 years later, I was a majoring in bachelor of economics and finance in my university and there were modules that utilize calculus heavily and I was very glad TC set the foundation well for me a decade ago. Hence the module quantitative analysis was manageable compared to other modules in my degree, and it became a career that I want to pursue. I would like to thank TC for his guidance and efforts to walk me through my academics in my secondary days that really aided me a lot.”  – Morgan Yeo (2009)

Mr Ong is an extremely passionate teacher with 13 years of teaching experience. His expertise ranges from Physics at ‘A’ Levels to A Maths and E Maths at ‘O’ Levels. His students love his professional delivery and the ability to go down to their level to explain difficult concepts so they could understand.

“Mr. Ong taught my daughter maths and later helped her with chemistry for O level examinations.

He made no hesitation to offer his help even though he was not teaching chemistry back then. My son also commenced tutoring by him for maths when he started Secondary 1.

Mr. Ong possesses a strong foundation that has the breadth and depth to be able to teach primary to secondary, tertiary levels. He is dedicated to helping his students achieve their goals, often he lends them a listening ear as well. He offers them advice and reflects on his previous experience. He is organized and plans their lessons well. Both kids have benefitted from his tutoring. With his help, my kids were able to achieve good results in their respective subjects and hopefully, some good behaviour rubs off as well. 🙂 “ – Parent Emily (2019)

Mr Ong is an extremely patient teacher. He knows very well of what his students’ needs are, and knowing that students need time to grasp the Mathematics concepts taught. Mr Ong is also unique in his way of teaching; he does not believe in drilling, rather he believes in effective learning. An effective 2-hour lesson for one’s learning outweighs that of dishing out endless homework. Under his guidance, I have been able to perform consistently well in maths. For this, I am very glad to have him as my Maths Tutor in I Love Learning Achievement Centre (ILLAC).

– Wong Guan Cheng (2021)

Mr Ong is a very patient teacher and uses extraordinary methods to make sure student grasp the concepts of the subject, such as using real life ways to explain a problem allowing the students to think of the solution by themselves, this way students can better and be much more intrigued to learn not just about math, but also about many things around them. Mr Ong is also a very honest person and voices out his thoughts clearly through different ways not just by teaching. Whenever Mr Ong encounters a problem in which he cannot solve he and his students perform relay thinking, creating numerous solutions. This allows his students to also learn better and have a flexible mind. Mr Ong has helped me greatly throughout my ‘N’-level journey, he was very patient with me even though I lacked the foundation for math, as time progresses, my interest in math has expanded exponentially and my grades improved remarkably. Not only helping to improve my grades but also teaching me other values such as resilience, patience and attentiveness.” – Jovan (2021)