Primary One

We are just as excited as you over your child entering Primary 1! If you are anxious and do not know what to expect, feel free to talk to us and we’ll be able to help you!

Here’s some exciting news for you! Of all our ILLAC Junior (Preparatory Primary 1) graduates who have transited to the Primary level with us, we have a whooping record of 70% of them qualifying for the Gifted-Education Programme (GEP) screening Round 2 at P3! (Only the top 10% of the nation’s cohort will qualify for GEP’s Round 2 screening examination.)

To excite you further, out of those we have shortlisted for the GEP-training (ALL of whom were graduates of our Elite Kids Programme), 100% qualified for GEP after their Round 2 examination (Only the top 1% of the nation’s cohort are eligible for GEP).

We are NOT results-oriented and NONE of our students are drilled extensively and relentlessly for good results. Instead, our students are developed through an enhancement of their Learning Abilities and their love for learning using Brain Priming activities, Speed Reading, customised learning and an extremely motivating learning environment.

Our ILLAC Program™ (Primary to Secondary) offers English and Mathematics on separate days. You can choose either English, Mathematics or both subjects for your child. If you are keen in getting your child into GEP, please enrol for both subjects because both English and Mathematics will be tested in the screening examinations (Mother-Tongue will not be tested). The new Primary level teacher will advise if your child is suitable for our GEP training after close observation in class.

Here’s a list of skills required of students in Primary 1.

Primary One EnglishPrimary One Mathematics
– Blending and reading
– Differentiating fiction from non-fictional stories
– Understanding the main idea in a story
– Inferencing of feelings and future events in a story
– Identifying contextual clues to identify the meaning of a word
– Familiarity with forms of words like nouns, verbs and adjectives
– Forming short sentences
– Ordering words to form a grammatically-correct sentence
– Identification of “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how”
– Differentiating plural and singular nouns
– Differentiating plural and singular verbs
– Familiarity with Grammar rules such as “subject-verb agreement”, “tenses”, “usage of articles”, “usage of prepositions”, “punctuations”, “contractions”, and “conjunctions”.
– Familiarity with a list of irregular plurals e.g. geese, lice, sheep
– Using possessive nouns e.g. mother’s
– Counting up to 100
– Skip counting by twos, fives and tens
– Writing numbers in words up to a hundred
– Understanding number bonds
– Addition with regrouping up to 100
– Subtraction with regrouping up to 100
– Problem sums involving addition and subtraction
– Addition of more than 2 numbers
– Completing addition/subtraction sentences
– Comparison of numbers
– Understanding properties of shapes
– Interpretation of Picture Graphs
– Measurements using units/cm
– Comparison of weight
– Problem solving involving money
– Addition and subtraction of money
– Solving patterns questions
– Reading and comparing time
– Multiplication up to 10 (P1 Term 4)
– Division up to 10 (P1 Term 4)
– Multiplication and division word problems (P1 Term 4)

All P1 Classes will commence from 3 January 2022, Monday, onwards. Kindly refer below for the schedule of the classes from which you can choose from:

Vision Exchange

   Primary 1 EnglishPrimary 1 Mathematics
Sat 9amSat 9am
Sat 1pmSat 11am
Sat 3pmSat 3pm
Sun 9amSun 11am
Sun 1pmSun 3pm
Tues 3pmTues 5pm
Fri 5pmFri 3pm
 Wed 4.30pm

West Coast Plaza

   Primary 1 English Primary 1 Mathematics
Monday 430pmMonday 430pm
Sunday 930amTuesday 530pm
Sunday 2pmSaturday 2pm
Sunday 4pmSunday 2pm
 Sunday 4pm

*Kindly note that classes will only commence with minimum 2 students.

How to register ?

You can call, Whatsappemail or visit us at our centers at Vision Exchange #06-15 or West Coast Plaza #01-16/17/18.