Primary Six

This is the final lap! Leave it to the experts to guide your child through this important milestone of his/her life!

Drills and rote learning are not going to work if your child hasn’t been consistent. We adopt state-of-the-art pedagogy and neurological approaches to help your child excel for PSLE.

There is no time to waste and conventional methods will not help your child in time for PSLE. At ILLAC, we use brain priming activities to stimulate the mind every session so they benefit more from our expert coaches.

We are the only center in Singapore that adopts this two-prong approach and we have been very successful!

We have a specialised team of teachers teaching PSLE, offering the best guidance and support you can ever find in the market for your child.

Here’s a list of skills required of students in Primary 6.

Primary Six EnglishPrimary Six MathematicsPrimary Six Science
– Past and Present Perfect Continuous Tenses
– Future tenses
– Gerunds
– Direct and indirected speech (Reported speech)
– Perceptive Verbs
– Past Participles
– Spotting errors in “Editing”
-Converting forms of words e.g. from adjectives to nouns using various suffixes in “Synthesis and Transformation”
– Cloze passages
– Conditional/Hypothetical clauses (if, until, unless)
– Ordering events in a story
– Comparing and contrasting two or more ideas
– Analysing stories
– Comprehension and answering techniques like inferencing
– Using contextual clues for Visual Text Comprehension and Vocabulary Cloze
– Giving explanations for events in stories
– Drawing conclusions from comprehension texts
– matching causes with effects
– Using conjunctions in Synthesis and Transformation
– Identifying the purpose and audience of text read or viewed
– Using context to identify the meaning of a word
– Writing letters based on a given situation using the appropriate tone and expressions
– Writing stories using rich text and development of characters (Composition)
– Inserting/Using idioms and quotes in compositions
– Punctuations for dialogues and other narratives

Extensive revision of all topics will be done on a weekly basis to ensure students are ready for PSLE!
– Speed, Time, Distance
– Pie Charts
– Algebra
– Area and Circumference of Circles
– Percentages
– Ratio
– Area of triangle
– Volume of cube and cuboid
– Divisions and multiplications of fractions
– Conversion of fractions to decimals and vice-versa
– Geometrical properties involving isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, right-angled triangle, parallelogram, rhombus and trapezium
– Data analysis using mean, median and mode
– Solving word problems involving ratio, percentage, circles, triangles, speed, algebra and pie charts.

Extensive revision of all topics will be done on a weekly basis to ensure students are ready for PSLE!

These are the common skills needed:
– Formulating hypothesis
– Generating possibilities
– Predicting
– Observing
– Using apparatus and equipment
– Comparing
– Classifying
– Inferring
– Analysing
– Evaluating
– Creative Problem Solving
– Decision-Making
– Investigation

The above skills are needed for all these topics:
– Cycles in plants and animals
– Cycles in matter and water
– Plant system
(Respiratory and circulatory systems)
– Human system
(Respiratory and circulatory systems)
– Cell system
– Electrical system
– Interaction of forces
(Frictional force, gravitational force,
force in springs)
– Interaction within the environment
– Energy forms and uses
– Energy conversion

All topics from P3 to P5 will be extensively revised on a weekly basis to ensure students are ready for PSLE!

Kindly refer below for the schedule of the classes from which you can choose from or contact us for possibilities of opening a class at your preferred schedule! (subject to availability):

Vision Exchange

P6 EnglishP6 MathematicsP6 Science
Thurs 5 pmTues 3 pm (full)Sat 4.30 pm (full)
Sat 8.45 am (full)Thurs 3 pmSun 3.30 pm
Sun 8.45 am (full)Sat 11 am (1 seat left)
Sun 1.15 pmSun 11 am (full)

West Coast Plaza

P6 EnglishP6 MathematicsP6 Science
Tues 5.30 pmTues 3 pmFri 3pm
Sat 10 amWed 6 pm
Sat 12 pm

How to register ?

You can call, Whatsappemail or visit us at our centers at Vision Exchange #06-15 or West Coast Plaza #01-16/17/18.