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My child is 1.5 years old, can he/she join the ILLAC Junior Program?

The ILLAC Junior Program is designed for children 2 years and above. However, we believe in talent development and if you believe your child is ready for the program, do let us know. We will assign our education specialist to give you a call to find out more from you. Our youngest in our program so far was a little girl of 19 months and she was brilliant. In fact, she was performing better than her older classmates.

My child is 3 years old, is he Level 1 or Level 2?

Children under 3 years old are usually grouped into Level 1 classes. Level 1 classes are parents-accompanied sessions whilst Level 2 and 3 do not require parents to be in the classroom. However, in some cases, parents who would like their children to be learning independently, would request for the child to be placed into Level 2 classes. As long as the child is familiar with their alphabets, skipping Level 1 is possible. However, a lot of effort will be required of the parents to polish the skills at home to ensure the child catches up with the rest in class.

What's the difference between Level 1, 2 and 3 in the ILLAC Junior Programme?

Each level is of a higher difficulty level in abstract thinking, processing skills, phonics, memory, mental flexibility and inhibitory control. As a basic guideline for you, to qualify for Level 2 classes, your child should be able to recite all 26 letters of the alphabet and if possible, their associated phonetical sounds. To qualify for Level 3, your child will need to score 60% and above in our Sorting Hat activity and are familiar with all the phonetical sounds of all 26 alphabets.

My child is 5 years old, which level of the ILLAC Junior Programme should he join?

All children above the age of 3 and interested in our program from Level 2 onwards are requested to go through our Sorting Hat activity. The Sorting Hat activity will help to determine which program is more suitable for your child.

What is the Sorting Hat activity about?

Sorting Hat is a game-based scientific assessment that we conduct to analyse the learning abilities of children. The child will be given simple instructions to engage in a few games with our education specialist who will then analyse the child’s learning abilities and let you know your child’s strength and weaknesses. The Sorting Hat is a well-established assessment tool with high reliability and validity as researched by Harvard University.

How much is Sorting Hat?

Sorting Hat is free for new enrolments. You may also schedule a Sorting Hat with us at a fee of $20 for our education specialist to advise you on your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses and which area of learning you should focus on.

How long is each Sorting Hat?

Each session will take about 45min, including a conference with the parents after the assessment with the child.

My child is 6 years old (K2) but she's still not reading, what should I do?

No worries. Leave it to our Education Specialists to further advise you. Contact us for a Sorting Hat and we’ll pick it up from there. Your child might be facing some learning difficulties that need addressing as soon as possible before Primary 1 kicks in. Don’t wait anymore, fix an appointment now. You can email us at enquiry@ilovelearning.com.sg or whatsapp us at 9711 8963.

My child is 6. I find the normal curriculum too easy for him, can I request that he joins the Primary 1 class?

Sure! At ILLAC, we strongly believe in talent development. In order to facilitate your child’s learning journey with us, we will track your child’s accelerated learning closely by monitoring his progress with a team of education specialist and customise a curriculum for him. If his/her progress is good on the accelerated path, we will further offer our special Gifted Education curriculum to prepare him/her for the GEP screening test conducted in Aug every year for all P3s. So far, students who had been offered our GEP curriculum had ALL qualified for the GEP programme. Our success rate is 100%.

Do you cover composition for P1-P6 English class?
Yes we do! Components that we cover include:
  1. Composition
  2. Grammar
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Synthesis and Transformation
  5. Comprehension
  6. Cloze Passage
  7. Editing
  8. Oral
  9. Listening Comprehension
Do you cover Problem Sums for P1-P6 Mathematics?

Yes! In fact, that’s our main focus! The ability to problem solve is the biggest weakness in many students, thus we’ll go full speed into problem solving so that they will not only excel in problem solving, they will be very comfortable dealing with problem sums and excel in mathematical analysis, making them score very well not just in Paper 2 but the entire Mathematics paper.

Do you have classes for composition only?

Due to our customised learning approach, it is not an issue for us to focus solely on composition for your child in our English classes. The best benefit is that while your child focuses on composition, he/she gets to learn rules for sentence structuring and grammar rules as they are taught in our English classes.

What are the subjects offered for Secondary?

Currently, we have Chemistry, Physics, A-Maths, E-Math and English classes going on. If you have other subjects in mind, we are able to start a class for you with a minimum of 2 students per class.

I can't make it for the timing of your available classes, how long will I need to wait before a new class timing is available?

We can start a new class timing for you as soon as there is a minimum of 2 students interested in that slot. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to find a friend who could attend our classes at the same timing as you so you won’t have to wait too long. Nonetheless, we will help to sell the timing you are interested in to new enrolments and the wait is typically less than 2 months.

I'll be absent for some of the classes, can I arrange for make-up classes?

Yes! We offer 1 make-up class for every 6 paid lessons per student. You are encouraged to arrange for your make-up class within the same term and no make-up classes will be given in new terms that are not paid.

My child seems to be more comfortable with another teacher, can we request for a change of class?

Of course! We understand that a good teacher-student match is like a match made in heaven and as long as we can make it happen for you, no problem!