ILLAC Junior Program
(Prep P1)

Who is it for ?

For Kindergarten 1 or 2 students.
Click here for program for age 2-6, P1-P6 and Secondary.

What is it about?

The Junior Program is a powerful learning ability training programme that effectively prepares your child for the world-stage. Throughout the programme, your child’s working memory, mental flexibility and inhibitory control will be systematically stimulated through our specially-designed activities to ensure they not only excel in class but also in life. The subject matter of the programme includes:


The program adopts a very systematic approach to prepare your child for the world stage.

We use very concise terms in explaining Grammar rules because we believe in the importance of a strong foundation.

Above that, we ensure your child develops virtues and learns values through our character building comprehension passages. These passages provide opportunities to facilitate moral discussions, the also improves your child’s comprehension and presentation skills.

Furthermore, with the use of idioms and phrases, we heighten your child’s writing capabilities to produce great compositions.

Last but not least, our special spelling techniques used in class will help even the weakest student spell long complicated words to help them glide through primary school with ease.


Being experts of the curriculum, we approach Mathematics through strategies that enhances learning.

No expense is spared in providing concrete manipulatives that your child needs in order to understand the abstract mathematical concept.

This is the most critical period for your child in learning Mathematics and you will want him to learn from the best.

Your child will see many different mathematical manipulatives used in class and surface as the one with the strongest foundation when he enters Primary school.


English and Mathematics alone are not enough to ensure your child reaches peak performance.

IQ-stimulating activities are specially designed and infused into the program to drive your child into high gear so that they can effectively deal with the demands of any questions they may face in life.

Many of our questions got even the parents and their friends scratching their heads! But no worries, our highly professional teachers will guide your child to guide you through these stimulating exercises.

With a high IQ that is switched on and ready to rev, your child is ready for the world-stage.

Why combine Maths and English into one program ?

We strongly believe in the development of the love for learning at ILLAC. If your child is good at one but not the other, our combination of subjects can effectively help to balance the strength with the weakness thus allowing a healthy balance of achievement in our center.

ALL our students LOOK FORWARD to coming to class because we empower them not just in the area they are weak in, but also push them to greater heights in what they thought they are already good at.

What's the class size ?

Maximum of only 6 students.

Here are what our parents say:

What is the schedule ?

The ILLAC (I Love Learning Achievement Center) Junior Program™ runs ONCE a week, 1.5h each.

Kindly call or email us for the available time slots. However, we are quite full, call us to secure a slot in our waiting list NOW!

How to register ?

You can callemail or visit us at our centers at Westgate #04-09 or West Coast Plaza #01-16/17/18. However, we are quite full, call us to secure a slot in our waiting list first.